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If Madeleine McCann died on Sunday 29 April, what was really going on behind the scenes that week?


If Madeleine McCann died on Sunday 29 April, what was really going on behind the scenes that week?

If Madeleine McCann died on Sunday 29 April, what was really going on behind the scenes that week?

There are a great many indications that Madeleine was not alive after Sunday 29 April, which have been discussed on CMOMM and elsewhere, notably the films of Richard D Hall and the ebook by PeterMac.

If Madeleine McCann did die on Sunday 29 April, then, very obviously, there must have been a carefully constructed plan to deceive the police and the world that Madeleine had been abducted. 

The theory of Goncalo Amaral and the Portuguese Police is this. They believed that Madeleine was at a 'high tea' with her parents and that Catriona Baker, a children's nanny, and the McCanns, were enjoying a 'high tea' together at the Tapas restaurant, until after 5.30pm on Thursday 3 May. This theory requires the following to be believed; namely that:

1. Madeleine died some time after 5.30pm that evening
2. If she was badly hurt or unconscious, that they tried to treat or revive her
3. If the twins were present or nearby, the McCanns would have moved them out of the way whilst they decided what to do
4. (Once sure that she was dead) they presumably considered whether they should report her death to the authorities 
5. Decided not to do so
6. Got over the initial shock 
7. Hid Madeleine from view whilst they considered what to do
8. Cleaned up e.g. if there was any blood 
9. May have washed the curtains
10. Arranged to disposed of any evidence
11. Deleted messages on their mobile 'phones1
12. Contacted some or all of their Tapas 7 friends to see if they would co-operate with a faked abduction 

13. Got every single one of them (with the possible exception of Dianne Webster) to agree with them
14. Put the children calmly to bed
15. Got dressed for dinner
16. Both ate with their friends at the Tapas restaurant, from 8.30pm to 10pm, with only short interludes for 'checking'
17. Moved and hid the body so well that it was never found, and, finally 
18. Staged an abduction.

Manifestly this was impossible. 

The purpose of this new thread therefore - if this was indeed a planned hoax abduction as some believe - is to discuss how such an audacious and successful plan might, or could, have been put together, to explore various possibilities and theories, and to consider some of the people who are likely to have been involved in the planning and execution of such a hoax. 

The primary focus is intended to be on all the hidden actions of various actors that might have taken place before 10pm Thursday 3 May 2007, rather than (if this was a cover-up) to dwell on all of what happened after that date.

The key questions, then, are:

Who was involved?

What did they do?

When did they do it?

Why did they do it?

See also the OP on this thread for some related ideas:

Below is a background for discussion


In the MMRG’s Letter to Portugal dated 28 February 2018, which was sent to the then Portuguese Attorney-General and forwarded by her to the Portuguese Police, these main lines of evidence pointing to Madeleine’s death on Sunday 29 April 2007 – four days before she was officially reported missing – were listed:

A.  A large number of false statements made at the outset, containing a huge amount of fabricated evidence

(These included, for example:
(i) The wholly contradictory accounts of an alleged meeting between David Payne and Kate McCann around 6.30pm on Thursday 3 May which suggest that such a meeting never happened
(ii) Jane Tanner’s numerous changes of story about the abductor she claimed to have seen, making one doubt that she actually saw anyone
(iii) An unconvincing account of Madeleine being at the beach for a min-sail with the Lobster group on Thursday 3 May
(iv) A photo of Madeleine holding some tennis balls, known as the ‘Tennis Balls Photo’, claimed to have been taken by three different people on three different dates, making its authenticity extremely doubtful)
(v) The multiple contradictions surrounding an alleged 'high tea' said to have taken place between 5pm & 6pm on Thursday) 

B.  The photograph of Madeleine McCann, Dr Gerry McCann and Amelie, taken by the Ocean Club pool, which was clearly taken on Sunday 29 April 2007 and not on 3 May 2007 as claimed by the McCanns.

C.  The absence of photographs of Madeleine taken after Sunday. 
D.  The fabricated statement of Nuno Lourenco, who had framed Wojcek Krokowski as Madeleine’s abductor
  The unreliable evidence of the children’s nanny (and McCann family friend), Catriona Baker, Dr Gerry McCann and Dr Kate McCann about an alleged ‘high tea’ at the Ocean Club Tapas restaurant about 5pm to 6pm on Thursday 3 May
 The lack of any independent or credible independent evidence by anybody that Madeleine McCann was seen alive after Sunday 29 April. 
G.  The mystery of the strange ‘Make-Up Photo’ of Madeleine, which appears to have been taken on Sunday 29th April

H.  Clear photographic evidence that the same pyjamas Madeleine had with her on holiday in Praia da Luz were later held up by the McCanns at two press conferences, one in London on 5 June 2007, the other in Amsterdam on 7 June 2007.

In each case, particulars of each of these lines of evidence were given to the Attorney General.

Since then, additional evidence that Madeleine may have died as early as Sunday has been obtained, as follows:

1. According to evidence from the internet site, the Wayback Machine, during Monday 30 April 2007, an employee of CEOP (The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre), presumably with the full approval of its boss, Jim Gamble, uploaded a dummy (blank) page to the CEOP website, featuring a photo of Madeleine when she was about two years old. What prior knowledge did CEOP have about Madeleine's disappearance, and how and when did they obtain a photo of Madeleine, apparently taken a year or two before the McCanns' Praia da Luz holiday?   

2. Evidence (on his own admission) by Jon Clarke, owner of the expat newspaper The Olive Press, that he arrived in Praia da Luz at 1.30am on Friday 4 May, strongly suggesting that he had been tipped off by one or more newspapers – before the abduction alarm was raised – that there was going to be a story about her abduction.

3. Evidence recently obtained about Michael Frohlich and Tricia Moon, the two members of Resonate Communications who we know were in Praia da Luz well before Thursday 3 May. While we were told that Resonate was merely an independent ‘subsidiary’ of PR giant Bell Pottinger, we now know that Tricia Moon had been the Company Secretary of Bell Pottinger and that while she was in Praia da Luz that week, and for four months afterwards, she was actually a Director on the Board of Bell Pottinger. 
For more information on this, see this recent thread:


We have accounts of that week’s events (from the McCanns’arrival in Praia da Luz on Saturday 28 April onwards), from the McCanns and their ’Tapas 7’ friends. These tend on the whole to be in very general terms, vague and with few checkable details. They are not helpful in establishing what events took place that week that went towards creating an audacious abduction hoax that Thursday. The aim of this thread is to explore what actions were taken, and by whom, to create the abduction hoax.

Below we have set out a timetable of some known, checkable events (with approximate dates and times) that may have a bearing on how the abduction hoax was developed and planned that week.

Below that we add a large list of events that we say must have happened that week, most of which have been largely hidden from public view. We take some educated guesses as to when these events might have taken place.


Sunday 29 April

about 10am - Madeleine enrolled in Lobster club

about 10-11.30am - Lobster group with multicoloured parachute 

about 1.15/1.30pm - Madeleine and family seen by cleaner, going up to join the Payne family for lunch

probably 2.29pm - Madeleine photographed by the pool - but McCanns said the photo was taken on Thursday

8.18pm SUNSET

around 8pm-10pm  A tall man, accompanied by a young child, apparently late in the evening, makes an urgent request to Ocean Club reception on behalf of the McCann group to book the Tapas restaurant for the rest of the week. The receptionist says the girl is Madeleine McCann, but that is very doubtful. This version of events is later contradicted by Kate McCann herself AND Matt Oldfield, who says Rachel made the booking on Monday. that there were in fact two visits to make the booking, the ‘tall man’ on Sunday night, and Rachel on Monday morning]

evening meal - McCanns say Matt was not at the meal (stomach ache). Stephen Carpenter says he saw Gerry McCann at the Tapas restaurant that evening

Monday 30 April

morning - Apartment cleaned by middle-aged lady

sometime - Gerry had trouble with the shutters (said to be in the parents'  room) and reported them for repair. Matthew also had trouble with his shutters?  [It is not wholly clear if these shutters were in the children's room or the parent's (back) room where the children were originally supposed to be sleeping?]

The McCanns and the Tapas 7 give very little detail about what happened this day, they all seem to stutter and are unable to remember anything.

8.19pm SUNSET

11pm? - Robert Murat books a ticket to fly to Faro Airport

Tuesday 1 May

7am - Robert Murat leaves Exeter Airport

9.30am - Robert Murat arrives at Faro Airport. Is met by his mother

10.00-11.00am  Washing machine and blinds/shutters fixed by two men, between 10-11am. Kate was there, not Gerry. The men show McCann how to use washing machine (these actions COULD suggest preparation for (a) having to wash clothes in the week and (b) a hoax abduction later in the week, involving the shutters)  

lunch-time - It was raining. Gerry allegedly bought sunglasses this day according to Kate McCann's book, 'madeleine': “All 5 of us were at the beach”. Was this because the ‘Last Photo’ had been taken on the Sunday, so, by saying in the book that he didn't have sunglasses and needed to buy a pair, was this intended to lend credibility to it having been taken after Tuesday )

8.20pm SUNSET

evening meal - Russell not at dinner, not sure about Jane Tanner as well?

10.16-10.27pm - unusual flurry of six calls to Kate McCanns’ mobile. We can’t be certain where she was at the time

Wednesday 2 May

7.00am-9.00am - Very early, around 7am, Kate has 3 calls (deleted) to her friend in England, Amanda (who is married to a pathologist). Shortly after, at around 8am, Gerry starts receiving the first of 14 text messages. ['The calls that day also include the ‘strange’ Swansea number…the only
number that Kate never deleted.

morning - Apartment cleaned by middle-aged lady - Maria Julia. At some point during Wednesday morning the cleaner is let into Apartment 5A and the McCanns say “we are going on the balcony” but actually they leave the apartment via the balcony door. The cleaner makes the beds and notices a cot in the McCann’s bedroom. Gerry and Kate both later deny that the cot is there]

Kate McCann “Today it rained” (confirmed by weather charts)

8.21pm SUNSET

‘Rachel’s turn to feel under the weather’

very late evening - the group stays at the Tapas until late that night. The waiters want to leave at midnight but the group stays until approx 1am. Is there perhaps something very important to discuss/plan?

Thursday 3 May

morning - Kate washes Madeleine’s pyjamas because of a tea stain (confirmed in her book). Photographs of these pyjamas later appear in newspapers with a false claim that they are ‘stock’ photos from a sales brochure - see many analyses of this by by Dr Martin Roberts, e.g. 'A Nightwear Job'.

5pm -6pm Tapas 7 seen at Paraiso Bar, but not the McCanns

8.30pm-8.55pm Gerry, Kate & Jane to Tapas, followed by Matthew & Rachael, then David, Fiona & Dianne to Tapas. Russell O’Brien delayed.


Saturday, November 6, 2021

Has journalist Jon Clarke (Olive Press) just compromised the entire 14 year Maddie investigation with his blatant lying and ludicrous boasting?

Two new chapters for PeterMac's FREE e-book:

Just when we hoped Jon Clarke had finally run out of invented stories - along comes ANOTHER ONE

This is possibly the most important, and potentially the most explosive, Chapter so far.

Posted on the CMOMM forum:

Has Jon Clarke of the Olive Press been actively involved from the start (or even before the start) in the official, Clarence Mitchell-run promotion of the official, but false narrative that Madeleine McCann was abducted?

Bearing in mind, inter alia, that he has...

* rushed over to Praia da Luz sometime in the early evening of Thursday 3 May
* gleefully pronounced that he knew 'straightaway' that the McCanns were innocent
* has recycled his view that 'the McCanns are innocent' multiple times in the Olive Press
* was the virtual creator of the false story that Madeleine was kidnapped by a violent paedophile gang, one of whom knocked the front teeth out of Marcelinho Italiano
* cooperated fully with the 8-part Netflix series on Madeleine McCann which was full of untruths from beginning to end
* and now has written his book proclaiming Christian Brueckner as the abductor and murderer of Madeleine...

...we can surely answer that question as Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes - purely on the above six facts alone.

Is this 'the smoking gun'?

I would contend that it is one of several smoking guns, e.g.

* Last Photo represented as Thursday when it was Sunday
* No photos of Madeleine after Sunday
* CEOP dummy Madeleine McCann page set up Monday 30 April 2007
* Absence of credible, independent evidence Madeleine was alive after Sunday
* The framing of Wojcek Krokowski by Nuno Lourenco...


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