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Jeffrey Epstein, linked to Ernie Allen of ICMEC, Richard Branson & the Podestas, arrested last night (6.7.19) on serious charges of trafficking minors

By Tony Bennett 

Some time ago, I exposed the links between Ernie Allen of ICMEC & NCMEC, with whom Gerry McCann spent 5 days in Washington in July 2007, McCanns' backer Sir Richard Branson, the Podesta brothers and Jeffrey Epstein - in this article:

Last night Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on serious charges of running an international trafficking ring procuring minors for sex. The news is all over the media. PeterMac has just posted one of the stories on our 'Prince Andrew' thread and I would advise that CMOMM members and guests also look at that thread for further information. There is a strong connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Prince Andrew.

It is a sad fact that, on this planet, hugely wealthy and influential businessmen and politicians can use their wealth, power and influence to buy sex with children. Sadly also they often have the wealth, power and influence to cover-up their wicked deeds.

The Podestas became notorious through Pizzagate, where there was also evidence of children being trafficked to the U.S., and Washington D.C. in particular, for sex.

POSTSCRIPT: I googled this just now: "Jeffrey - Epstein - Ernie - Allen - Images".

The second image referenced my full article about the Podestas and the McCanns on CMOMM!

More here:

A connection between the Podesta emails and the McCanns? Well, actually, just maybe, there is: Podesta>>Richard Branson>>Jeffrey Epstein>>Ernie Allen>>Gerry McCann

By Tony Bennett

The claim that the Podesta brothers, John and Tony, closely resemble the two mystery efits drawn up by ex-MI5 Head of Covert Intelligence, Henri Exton, in spring 2008, continues to circulate around the internet. These two efits are supposed to be ‘Smithman’, a claim I have tried to debunk on the Smithman threads here. No serious Madeleine McCann researcher thinks that the Podesta emails and the photos of the Podesta brothers have anything to do with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

But thanks to Wikileaks and other researchers, all sorts of connections are now coming to light. And perhaps there is a connection of sorts between the Podesta emails and the Madeleine McCann case.

If there is a connection, then it might be via Ernie Allen, the Chief Executive for many years of the U.S. equivalent of ‘Missing People’, NCMEC and also Chairman for many years of ICMEC – a powerful interrnational missing people’s organization.

Most here will recall Gerry McCann’s rush to visit Washington – centre of the Podesta email scandal, of course, in July 2007 -where he actually spent 5 whole days (22 to 26 July) . Here is Gerry with Ernie on that visit:

 A connection between the Podesta emails and the McCanns? Well, actually, just maybe, there is: Podesta>>Richard Branson>>Jeffrey Epstein>>Ernie Allen>>Gerry McCann Zzzzzz10

The personality and background of Ernie Allen, and his sources of funding, have been of concern to some on the forum, especially sharonl.    

Here by the way is one of the blogs Gerry wrote from his Washington trip, on 24 July. As can be seen, it’s full of his meetings with NCMEC.


Another busy day in Washington. Started early on at NCMEC with interviews from 6.15am for the five major US TV networks morning news shows. A very serious issues programme 20-20 was also recording our visit to the America, as they will also be producing a piece on the search to find Madeleine.

Late morning we had a visit to the White House to meet with the First Lady’s deputy chief of staff Sarah Armstrong. This visit was facilitated by Lady Catherine Meyer, founder of the British charity PACT, which is an affiliate of ICMEC and has done so much to raise awareness of missing children in the UK. Mrs Bush is a strong supporter of child welfare issues and is in fact an Honorary Board member of ICMEC. They were already aware of Madeleines disappearance and I took the opportunity to fill them in on my visit to Washington, particularly the work we are doing with ICMEC and the meeting we had with the attorney general. We finished with a very quick tour of the public areas in the White House which is a very impressive building and we also met one of the Presidents Scottish terriers! Immediately following the visit I did a few interviews for the British Media in front of the White House.

After a very brief lunch it was on to Capitol Hill for meetings with politicians who have been instrumental in getting the Adam Walsh BIll and others passed. We met with Democrat congressman Nick Lampson and Republican Senator Robert Shelby who both know the board members of NCMEC very well. They were both very keen to do what they could to help find Madeleine and the support during the visit we have received has been tremendous.

I spoke to Kate and the kids, whose telephone skills are developing very quickly which is nice for me when I am away like this. Kate has stayed on in Portugal and has been keeping in touch with the police but there are no major developments to report. In the evening I managed to meet up with a friend from Glasgow who is also a cardiologist and working in the Washington area. We went for a bite to eat and it was good to sit down quietly with a familiar face for an hour or two.


What has generated some interest is this Wikileaks link:


Invitation: Virgin Unite Cocktail Party


Date: 2015-08-20 13:07 Subject: Invitation: Virgin Unite Cocktail Party

Dear John, I hope your Summer has been going well.

Attached is an invitation to a cocktail reception in NY on September 25th with Richard Branson and Virgin Unite, to celebrate the SDGs.

We hope you will be able to attend. It should be fun – especially celebrating an SDG entirely about the ocean.

Best, Karen -----


Karen Sack Managing Director e-mail: m: + 1 202.415.5403 skype: karensack twitter: @karen_sack


This invitation is basically from Richard Branson to John Podesta.

Some researchers have noted the close connections between these four people:

RICHARD BRANSON (Virgin Group, Necker Island etc.)
JEFFREY EPSTEIN (Paedophile, close friend of Prince Andrew) and
ERNIE ALLEN – Head of international missing persons organisations and friend of Gerry McCann.

All I can offer for the moment is a few links. It may be that the Podesta-Branson-Epstein-Allen-McCann link amounts to nothing at all. But here are some starting points if someone wants to look further into the links:


6-minute video of Necker Island made by a guest

There is more elsewhere about the Branson - Epstein links.



Richard Branson is the British Jeffery Epstein- Includes direct Hillary connection (idk if this has been posted yet, looked into it and may be something big)



ICMEC Photo Details. Sir Richard Branson and Eve Branson with the Board of ICMEC; per flickr image includes from Top Left:

A connection between the Podesta emails and the McCanns? Well, actually, just maybe, there is: Podesta>>Richard Branson>>Jeffrey Epstein>>Ernie Allen>>Gerry McCann Zzzzzz11

Top, left to right

Charlie Morrison,
George Bickerstaff,
Hon. Anne-Marie Lizin
Ambassador Elizabeth Bagley
Eve Branson
Ernesto Caffo -
Patty Wetterling
Victor Halberstadt
Helga Long,
Nancy Kelly
Dan Cohen,
Nancy Dube,
Per-Olof Loof,
Dan Broughto
Maud de Boer Buquicchio
Franz HumerSenator Denis DeConcini 
From Bottom Left:

Ernie Allen
Richard Branson
James Cannavino - Direct Insite Corp
Tim Cranton General Counsel - Statement Worldwide Internet SafetyOsamu Nagayama 

ICMEC History:

  • ICMEC held its first Board of Directors meeting in May 1998. It was officially launched in April 1999 at the British Embassy in Washington, D.C., by Hillary Clinton, then-First Lady of the United States, and Cherie Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
  • [size=16]In November 2014, Ambassador Maura Harty was appointed President & CEO of ICMEC
    The Board of Directors of ICMEC includes: Mary Banotti, Daniel Cardon de Lichtbuer, Raymond F. Schinazi
    ICMEC Inaugural Gala Gotham Hall NYC | May 7 2015 : 193 Photos with Names
    Black Tie : ICMEC May 2015 Photos
    US European Summit on Missing & Exploited Children OCT 2005 Roche Forum Buonas, Switzerland .pdf
    Office of Children's Issues
    The Office of Children's Issues is an agency of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, which in turn is part of the U.S. Department of State. The Office of Children’s Issues was created in 1994 under the leadership of Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs Mary Ryan and that of her successor Maura Harty. The Office of Children's Issues develops and coordinates policies and programs related to international child abduction. In this respect, it is the U.S. Central Authority under the terms of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption.
    WePROTECT is a global alliance led by the UK government, founded by Baroness Joanna Shields and supported by over 63 countries, 20 technology companies and 30 NGOs to stop the global crime of online child sexual abuse and exploitation. Chairman: Ernie Allen
    Jeff Koons[/size]


Anon broke down a few things on Amb Elizabeth Frawley Bagley & ironically I was researching her deep/longtime ties to the DNC & Clinton Cabal a few months ago. Her husband Smith Bagley died in 2010, was an heir to RJ Reynolds fortune, a prominent Democratic fundraiser & DC/Georgetown socialite (Tobacco). The couple has two children Vaughan Elizabeth Bagley and Conor Reynolds Bagley. Elizabeth Bagley is on NDI (National Democratic Institute) Board of Directors

Within a few years, the headlines were less flattering. In 1980, Mr. Bagley settled a civil suit with the Securities and Exchange Commission over government charges that he and others artificially inflated the price of the stock of the Washington Group, a North Carolina textile and food conglomerate he led.

Months earlier, a U.S. District Court jury in Richmond had found Mr. Bagley and four other defendants innocent of all criminal charges in a related stock manipulation and conspiracy case. The company went bankrupt in June 1977. Both the judge and Mr. Bagley accused the Justice Department of overzealous prosecution.

His marriages to Sandra Peabody Robinson and Vicki Bagley ended in divorce.

Survivors include his wife of 26 years, Elizabeth Frawley Bagley of Washington; a son from his first marriage, Walker Bagley of Lexington, Ky.; three children from his second marriage, Nancy Reynolds Bagley and Nicole Ladmer Bagley, both of Washington, and Brett Dylan Bagley of New York; two children from his third marriage, Vaughan Elizabeth Bagley and Conor Reynolds Bagley, both of Washington; a sister, Susan Bagley Bloom of Vancouver, Canada; and five grandchildren.1

Smith Bagley, Executive and Democratic Fund-Raiser, Dies at 74

Over the years, the Bagleys frequently opened their homes to fund-raising events for Democratic candidates, including Presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John Kerry. Last year they raised $600,000 to help pay for events celebrating President Obama’s inauguration.

Among his civic activities, he was president of the Arca Foundation, which focuses on social equity in developing countries

Smith Bagley funeral a gathering of his fellow Democrats

"After all these years -- decades of friendship -- this is the first event I've attended for him," said Bill Clinton, who delivered the closing eulogy at Georgetown's Holy Trinity Catholic Church. "This man, notwithstanding the circumstances in which he was born or the wealth he generated for himself, always found a way to give more than he took."

The church was packed with family and friends: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe, former secretary of state Madeleine Albright, members of Congress, and plenty of people who benefited from Bagley's deep-pocket, behind-the-scenes generosity.

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