Monday, June 1, 2020

Casualties of the McCann's War

Have I missed anything out?


Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann's voice from any video
Any actual searching by Team McCann for Madeleine
Timeline 3rd May
One buggy
One fridge
Gerry's blog about missing fridge
Blue sports bag
Hair samples from FSS
Madeleine's medical records
Police reconstruction
Answers to 48 police questions
McCanns from Portugal
Watches, mobile phones, credit cards
Gerry's Friends Reunited entry - "anyone fancy babysitting?"
Mobile phone records
Advertising of reward money
Reverend Haynes Hubbard's computer
Thief who returned wallet
One heart attack victim (plane)
Pool people on 3rd May
The lady by the pool
The consciences of the Tapas 9
The identity of the 10th Tapas
Transparency of the Fund
Monthly updates in Hello magazine about McC's Amber Alert campaign
The continuing support of Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Sir Philip Green, David Beckham etc
Any evidence that Grandma Healey had said that Madeleine had trouble sleeping and used to be sedated - whooshed
The reason/name of person being protected by the government
Missing for 6 months the Gaspar statements
All the stories one would normally expect to read about past behaviour of the Tapas7/9/10, for which newpapers pay enormous sums

Madeleine McCann
Amaral's dog
Eddie and Keela
Ray Wyre
Clement Freud
Raymond Hewlett
Euclides Monteiro
Chief Constable Michael Todd
Colin Sahlke
Ricardo Cunha
Brenda Leyland
Kevin Halligen
Michael Linnett
Freedom of speech
Tourism in Praia da Luz
Investigative journalism
Journalistic integrity
6 corpses that contaminated Cuddlecat and Kate's holiday trousers

Removed/moved on:
Bead from Madeleine's hair
Blue bag
Pink blanket
Goncalo Amaral
Alipio Ribeiro resigned, Head of PJ (he told in an interview that naming the McCann arguidos was "hasty")
British ambassador
Martin Grime and Eddie & Keela
Priest in PdL
Alex Woolfall
Sheree Dodd
Justine McGuinness
David Hughes
The link to the Find Madeleine website from the Vatican website
All references to the McCanns from Esther McVey's Blog
Online Daily Express articles - whooshed
All criticism of the McParents from UK press
The Nanny
Alistair Clark
Unnamed Police Officer from LP (allegedly) taken off case when in PdL
Yvonne the social worker
The Mirror Forum on Madeleine
The 3 Arguidos forum
Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa
Celia Edwards
Sir Christopher Meyer
Control Risks Group

Abduction scene
The Last Photo
Visit to Pope
Walks along the beach
Wistful photo sitting on rocks
The run up the hill in 19 minutes
Sergei Malinka's burnt out car
Cuddlecat photos
TV pleas for help
Sightings of Madeleine

John Buck
Bill Henderson
Olegario Sousa
Sheree Dodd
Justine McGuinness
Esther McVey
Staff at Ocean Club
Max Clifford
Controls Risk Group

Ruined lives:
Gonçalo Amaral and his family
The Priest in PdL
Robert Murat
Sergey Malinka
Brenda Leyland and her family

Lost credibility:
The Tapas nine
Clarence Mitchell
Rebekah Brooks
Gordon Brown
Tony Blair
Various Gov officials
Leics police
Jim Gamble
Antonella Lazzeri
Tracey Kandohla
Jon Clarke
Olive Press
The Sun
The Daily Mail
Richard Branson
Phillip Green
Stephen Winyard
Jez Wilkins
Bridgette O’Donnel
Summers and Swan
David Edgar
Arthur Crowley
Lorraine Kelly
Piers Morgan
Oprah Winfrey
Mark Williams Thomas
Andy Redwood
The Metropolitan Police

Wild Goose Chase/Fraud?
The millions of euros spent by the PJ to look for Maddie's abductor
The Fund
The millions of taxpayers money spent by Operation Grange's remit to investigate the abduction as though it happened in the UK.

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